ASTM D471 Testing

Applied Technical Services offers ASTM D471 testing that evaluates how vulcanized rubber products respond to liquid exposure. Rubbers are a popular choice amongst manufacturers, so vulcanized rubber materials must withstand contact with aggressive liquids.

Understanding ASTM D471

During the ASTM D471 test procedure, technicians record the weight of the samples before submerging them in liquid. Technicians then place the samples into ovens for a specified length at a predetermined temperature. Next, technicians remove the samples from the oven, allowing them to reach room temperature. Once acclimated, technicians weigh the dry samples to evaluate any weight changes.

ASTM D471 Applications

ASTM D471 allows experts to examine and evaluate liquid-induced deterioration in rubbers which is helpful in the research and development, quality control, and compliance testing of rubbers. Materials such as gaskets, seals, and hoses encounter various liquids, oils, and fuels that may affect the rubber’s performance, resulting in partial failure. The procedure simulates service conditions to help manufacturers evaluate the material’s suitability for specific applications or environments.

More About Our ASTM Services

Applied Technical Services houses A2LA-accredited calibration, mechanical, chemical, and nondestructive testing labs that offer numerous ASTM testing services. Our lab professionals conduct services in compliance with ASTM standards to ensure that our procedures are thorough and on par with internationally recognized standards developed by the American Society for Testing Materials. Our services benefit multiple industries, including:

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