Wrap Around Bend Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts wrap-around bend testing to evaluate the mechanical properties of materials. Our bend testing services assist with research and development, quality control, and material selection processes.

What is Bend Testing?
Bend tests are inexpensive destructive methods used to evaluate a material’s soundness and ductility. Commonly associated with welded materials, engineers also conduct bend tests on composites, ceramics, plastics, and wood. During bend tests, technicians deform materials into specific shapes to assess the material’s response to applied stress. Bend tests offer numerous advantages, including the following:
Wrap Around Bend Testing Explained
Wrap-around bend testing, also referred to as guided bend testing, is a destructive test method that provides qualitative information on a welded material’s ductility and soundness. While the specifics of the test will vary with the standard, wrap-around tests generally involve technicians loading a welded material onto a testing fixture before applying stress to the specimen, comprising its integrity. The sample will endure cracking and deformation under the applied pressure, allowing engineers to evaluate the mechanical properties and potential strengths and weaknesses. Wrap-around bend tests provide information on the following:
We offer wrap-around bend testing services in compliance with ASTM E190, the standard test method for guided bend tests that determine the ductility of welds. During the procedure, technicians bend the sample into a U-shape by applying force to the center of the sample. The specimen will then experience failure symptoms, allowing engineers to examine the weld’s quality and functionality.
Our Commitment to Quality
Applied Technical Services provides high-quality inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services to businesses in various industrial sectors. Throughout our 55 years of business, we have prioritized expanding and improving our services for the well-being of our clients, staff, and operation. We offer services for a wide range of industries, including:

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