Brown and Sharpe Calibration Services

Brown and Sharpe Calibration Services

 Applied Technical Services performs Brown and Sharpe Calibration services as it remains as a leading metrology and manufacturing specialist supplier, helping clients achieve consistent quality control processes through the collection of accurate measurement data. At ATS, our Calibrations experts possess the ability to complete requests on Brown and Sharpe Calibration services and other equipment.

Metrology Tools and Equipment by Brown and Sharpe that we Calibrate Include:
Calibration Labs at ATS

Originally established in 1987, the ATS Calibrations department offers numerous full-service calibrations to a variety of industries. Our Calibration Labs follow procedures in accordance with national standards within the Aerospace, Automotive, Military, and Nuclear industries. Our Labs are ISO 17025 accredited by A2LA and utilize equipment which is directly traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Electronic Calibrations

Our Electronic Calibrations Lab possesses the tools necessary for the calibration of most commercial off-the-shelf electronic equipment. Our experts regularly perform calibration services on different meters, voltmeters, and thermocouples to guarantee accurate readings.

Environmental Calibrations

Uncovering the environmental effects of temperature, humidity, and infrared devices are crucial in the inspection of your materials. We perform environmental equipment calibrations in combination with manufacturer specifications to meet your specialized needs. Environmental equipment calibration services include chart recorders, temperature and humidity probes, and wind speed instruments (anemometers).

Hand Tool Calibrations

Our Hand Tools Calibrations experts conduct the necessary processes within one of our environmentally-controlled labs. Tools and equipment calibrated include micrometers, gages, scales, rulers, protractors, and tape measures.

About Applied Technical Services

For over 50 years, Applied Technical Services has been recognized as a premier provider of consulting engineering and inspection services. Our labs are furnished with innovative technology to guarantee accurate results for our clients. Calibration certificates for most equipment is available within 3 to 5 business days. Serviceable industries include the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, medical equipment, military, power generation, nuclear, general manufacturing, and steel and aluminum fields.

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