Etekcity Scale Calibration

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) calibrates scales for numerous manufacturers, including Etekcity. Etekcity scales are popular scales known for their ease of use and accuracy. Our calibration experts calibrate Etekcity scales to verify that scales display accurate measurements that consumers can have confidence in.

More About Our Scale Calibrations
Our highly capable calibration labs feature the technology needed to thoroughly evaluate multiple types of scales, including Etekcity scales. During calibration, we compare our client’s scale to a reference standard to ensure that the measurements align. We maintain highly accurate reference standards so that our personnel and clients can be confident in our quality and precision. In addition to Etekcity scales, we calibrate equipment from many other manufacturers, including:
Our calibration services are always prompt and professional, ensuring that our clients receive satisfactory services that provide solutions to their needs.
Why is It Important to Calibrate Scales?
While many consumers may assume that scales are always accurate and reliable, they require calibration to ensure their performance and precision. Third-party calibration services such as those provided by Applied Technical Services are essential in ensuring that equipment remains reliable long after the initial factory calibration. Over time and after repeated use, scales drift in accuracy, which can lead to consumer mistrust.
About Applied Technical Services
Founded in 1967, Applied Technical Services is an established and respected provider of inspection, testing, consulting engineering, and calibration services to commercial businesses in multiple industries. As ISO 9001, we’ve showcased and sustained our commitment to fostering positive experiences for our clients as we continue to expand and improve our capabilities. We have numerous ISO/IEC 17025 accredited labs across the continental United States that assist our clients as they seek to improve their products, services, and operational efficiency. Please complete an online request form or call +1 (888) 287-5227 for additional information regarding our Etekcity scale calibrations.
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