High Pressure Gauge Calibration

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) calibrates high pressure gauges, ensuring they remain accurate and functional throughout their service life.

What is a High Pressure Gauge?
A high pressure gauge measures a gas or fluid’s pressure in high pressure applications. High pressure gauges help businesses monitor the pressure of various industrial systems, such as hydraulic and refrigeration systems. Like other gauges, high pressure gauges require calibration to verify their accuracy. Over time, a gauge’s accuracy can drift due to various factors, such as:
Our Calibration Services
Applied Technical Services operates multiple A2LA-accredited calibration labs that provide services to clients across the United States. We understand that precision and quality are essential to the success of our client’s projects, so our employees comply with internationally recognized quality standards to ensure our methods and procedures yield accurate results. We work diligently to restore the accuracy of pressure gauges per the manufacturer’s specifications and our client’s expectations.
The Importance of High Pressure Gauge Calibration Services
Our high pressure gauge calibration services ensure our clients’ gauges remain reliable and accurate, helping to optimize the efficiency of industrial processes. High pressure gauges are critical to the success of various applications, so it’s important to regularly calibrate gauges to ensure operations run smoothly with minimal interruptions. Our high pressure gauge calibration services help our clients do the following:
Our Commitment to Quality
The ATS FoC provides professional calibration, consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services to industrial and commercial clients nationwide. Our employees have decades of collective experience in engineering and various sciences, offering a well-rounded perspective that helps our clients address their unique needs. We ensure the satisfaction of our clients by providing the following:
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