Mitutoyo Calibration Services

Mitutoyo Calibration Services

Mitutoyo America offers a full line of precision measuring instruments utilizing innovative technologies. Applied Technical Services (ATS) is certified as a distributor and performs Mitutoyo calibration in our continued mission of offering equipment necessary for client service excellence.

Mitutoyo Tools We Calibrate and Distribute:

ATS – A Leader in Calibrations

Established in 1987, our Calibrations department is a “one-stop-shop” for your metrology inspection and calibration services. Offering both laboratory and on-site services, ATS Calibrations procedures are approved by multiple industry leaders within the Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, and Nuclear industries. Our Calibration labs house equipment that is traceable to the NIST, with procedures followed being accredited to ISO 17025 standard (A2LA).

Testing equipment such as Hardness Testers and Environmental Chambers may be difficult to calibrate in-lab due to their size. Our Calibration experts can travel to your facility to perform the calibration and inspection of your equipment at your convenience.

We can calibrate the following instrumentation on-site:

Measuring the accuracy of Environmental Recording Devices guarantees the confidence in the decisions made for specific circumstances. Our Calibrations experts can perform services in accordance with your manufacturer specifications. Regularly calibrated instruments include hygrometers, thermometers, pyrometers, density meters, chart recorders, and temperature baths.

Using our labs equipped with precision loading machines and precision weights, our Calibration experts consistently inspect Compression and Tension gauges. Following ASTM-E4 industry specifications, we make sure that your metrology equipment is within acceptable tolerance while delivering customer service excellence.

We regularly calibrate:

About Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services (ATS) is a premier provider of high-quality consulting engineering and inspection services. Established in 1967, we at ATS provide offerings to professions operating within the Aerospace, Manufacturing, Military, Automotive, Power Generation, and several other industries. We offer ISO 17025 accredited calibration services, performed both in our lab and on-site. We achieve service excellence for our clients by:

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