Starrett Calibration and Distribution

Starrett Calibration and Distribution
Awarded the world-renowned title of, “the World’s Greatest Toolmakers”, Starrett has set defined standards for the fine precision tools industry. Manufacturing more than 5,000 metrology instruments, we at ATS are proud to provide Starrett calibration and distribution services. Contact us today to learn more about our precision and measuring instrument sales and calibrations.
Starrett Offers Precision Tools Including (But Not Limited to) the Following:
  • Precision Measuring Tools
  • Jobsite and Shop Tools
  • Hand Tools: includes tape measurers, layout tools, marking tools
  • Precision Ground Stock
  • Flat Stock
  • Drill Rod
  • Metrology Equipment
Our Calibrations Services
Since 1987, ATS Calibrations has established itself as a leading provider of full-service inspection, repair and calibration services. With lab facilities accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 (A2LA), our Quality System standards guarantee accuracy for followed methodologies. Further approval from major industrial companies validates our commitment to quality excellence.
ATS professionals recognize the importance of monitoring your environmental recording devices for maintaining quality. Our Calibration lab satisfies the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards for Environmental Calibration services. We also abide by any necessary technical specifications required by the applicable industry or client. We regularly perform environmental calibrations on the following equipment:
  • Humidity Loggers
Measuring gage blocks up to 20 inches, our labs are furnished with state-of-the-art comparator machines, including:
  • Federal 130B-38W1 Gage Comparator
  • Federal 130B-58W1 Long Gage Comparator

Our comparators use the Mahr Federal Gage Block Measurement Software to drive technical insight into specific measurements (including variation in length, parallelism, flatness). Manufacturer tolerances will dictate the specific limitations used in the testing process.

About ATS and Our Starrett Calibration and Distribution Services
Established in 1967, Applied Technical Services is the premier provider of testing, consulting and inspection services for industries demanding technical solutions. Notable for uncovering facts within the materials testing, calibrations, non-destructive testing, and fire and forensic investigations fields, our labs are equipped with advanced technology to generate accurate results. Our Nadcap, and A2LA accreditations along with ISO 9001 certification demonstrate a commitment to quality excellence, which is further sought through:
  • Offering services in accordance with applicable standards
  • Having Competent employees who are experts in their fields
  • Delivering reports containing accurate data
  • Providing quick turnaround time: 5 to 7 working day average for results
If your company needs quality Starrett calibration and distribution services from a trusted provider, contact ATS today!

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