Micrometer Testing and Calibration

Micrometer Testing and Calibration

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies calibrates a wide variety of mechanical instruments and specializes in comprehensive micrometer testing and calibration services.
Testing and Calibrating Micrometers
Our experts begin micrometer calibration with the use of a standard reference gauge, comparing the measurements of the test subject with a precision measurement standard. After performing zero-point calibrations and linear calibrations, any micrometer errors are identified and corrected. Measurements are taken throughout the calibration process to help ensure repeatability, guaranteeing the micrometer provides consistently accurate and reliable measurements. We micrometer calibration services cover:

Micrometers (ID)

Micrometers (OD / Depth)

Micrometers (V-Anvil Threads ≤ 1”)

The micrometer is tested across its full range of measurement, all of which is thoroughly documented along with initial findings, adjustments and repairs made, and a calibration certificate. Beyond promoting accurate measurements and compliance with regulatory requirements, regularly scheduled micrometer calibration services can help prevent long-term issues through the early identification of flaws and damage.
Mechanical Calibration Services at ATS
Our technicians perform a wide range of mechanical calibration services beyond micrometer testing and calibration, including but not limited to:
Applied Technical Services: Pioneers in Calibration
With over 55 years of experience as an industry leader, ATS has developed an exceptional reputation for our state-of-the-art laboratories, dedicated testing experts, frequently expanding nationwide service network, and steadfast commitment to both exceptional service quality and outstanding customer service. We are proud to be the preferred testing and analysis service provider of some of the country’s most prestigious, well-established organizations and businesses. Get in contact with our customer service team today by calling 1 (888) 287-5227 or submit a request form on this page to learn how our chemists, technicians, engineers, and testing experts can provide complete calibration, testing, and analysis solutions for your business.

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