Refractometer Calibration

ATC Refractometer Calibration

Applied Technical Services provides calibrations for a wide range of tools and equipment – one of these calibration services being ATC Refractometer Calibration. ATS’ calibration labs comply with standard quality requirements and are supervised by our calibration experts, ensuring that your ATC refractometer is properly calibrated and measuring results accurately.
Our Calibration Labs and Quality Management Systems

We take pride in our extensive quality management system that keeps us in compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements. All ATC Refractometer calibration services are NIST traceable and are performed to standard calibration requirements adhering to controlled and documented procedures. We count ISO 9001-2015, 10CFR50 Appendix B, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, and 10 CFR Part 21 amongst our other standards and regulations that we adhere to. 

Should you need information regarding an asset at your fingertips, an integrated web system is available to all clients. iPortal is our web-based interface that allows clients to access electronic records of calibration certificates, up-to-date status of an asset, asset history, and reports for the device or equipment being serviced.

Popular Refractometer Brands Calibrated by ATS:

About ATS

Since 1967, we have delivered exceptional service of unparalleled quality to our clients, consistently providing accurate results and detailed reports. Reliability, convenience, and accuracy are some of the principles we value at ATS. It is our continued mission to uphold the reputation that we have established as a leading provider in testing, inspection, and calibration services. We offer services to clients located locally, nationally, and globally — serving many industries including chemical, aerospace, automotive, construction, and energy to name a few.

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