Dyer Calibration Services

Dyer is a Pennsylvania-based company offering specialized gages and systems suitable for any engineering application. Dyer’s expertise in gages results in their position as a leader within the industry. Our Calibrations department at ATS is skilled in their ability in providing services to maintain the metrological accuracy of Dyer equipment.

ATS Calibrates Dyer Gages and Equipment Including:

Bore Gages: 

  • 240 Series
  • 244 Series
  • 400 and 411 Series
  • 200 Series
  • 830 Series
  • 466 Series
  • 220, 222 and 225 Series
  • 271 Series
  • 230 Series
  • 630 Series
  • 270 Series
  • 223 Series
  • 280 Series
  • 136 Series
  • Retractable Bore Gages

Groove Gages:

  • 210 and 211 Series
  • 104 Series
  • 101/103 Series
  • 132 Series
  • 747 Series
  • 130/131/133/134/135 Series
  • 255/256 Series
  • Electronic I.D. Groove Gages

Min-Wall Thickness Gages:

  • 301, 302, and 304 Gages
  • 313 Series
  • 309 Series
  • 335 Series
  • Electronic Min-Wall-Thickness Gages
  • Custom Hand Gages

Special Application Gages:

  • 335 Series
  • 550 Series
  • 282 Series
  • 283 Series
  • 290 Series
  • Custom Hand Gages

Indicating Units:

Set Masters: 

  • 415 Series
  • Bore Gage Setting Masters (small and large diameter)
  • Ring Gage Set Masters (steel, chrome, and carbide)
  • Setting Discs (steel and chrome)

Set Masters:

  • Ring Gage Set Masters (steel, chrome, and carbide)
  • Setting Discs (steel and chrome)
  • 415 Series
  • Bore Gage Setting Masters (small and large diameter)
Applied Technical Services Calibration Labs

Our Calibration services at ATS are approved by numerous aerospace, automotive, and defense industry companies in addition to being accredited to ISO 17025 (A2LA). Each lab is equipped with advanced technology operating in accordance with recognized national standards.

Electronic Calibrations

Our capabilities for calibrating Electronic equipment include, but are not limited to:

Environmental Calibrations: 

Calibration services include:

Our Environmental Calibrations lab utilizes temperature wells and humidity chambers in the process to calibrate your equipment with a fast turnaround time.

On-Site Calibrations

Addressing the equipment that may be too big or fragile to transport for calibrating in-lab, our On-Site Calibrations team travels to your facility to conduct calibration of your metrology equipment at your convenience.

Our On-Site Calibration experts regularly calibrate large equipment such as:

About Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services has been a leader within the consulting engineering and inspection services industry for over 50 years. Offering laboratory and field services, our Quality Assurance department ensure our services follow the mission of continual value-enhancement. Through our accreditations and certifications, (ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (A2LA), ISO 9001, Nadcap), our experts seek customer service excellence through:
  • Timely delivery: most findings reported within 3-5 days
  • Accurate, precise reports
  • Services follow applicable standards and procedures
  • Qualified experts

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