Vermont Gage Calibrations and Distributor

ATS offers Vermont Gage calibrations and is a certified distributor for Vermont Precision Tools.   A division of Vermont Precision Tools, Vermont Gages was established in 1980 to specialize in the manufacturing of gage pins and sets. The combination of expertise in creating quality products is at the core of success for Vermont.

Our dedicated sales staff can show you how Vermont Gages can add value to your daily operations. Contact us to uncover the benefits of Vermont tools and equipment!

Vermont Gage Equipment Includes:

Available in both Imperial and Metric measurement systems (for applicable equipment)

  • Vermont Plug Gages
  • Class ZZ (Steel, Black Guard)
  • Class X (Stocked in Steel)
  • Custom
  • Custom Reversibles
  • Standard Length (2' long)
  • Step Gage (2" long, Steel or Black Guard)
  • Long Length (up to 12" long)
  • Custom Taperlocks
  • Custom Trilocks
  • Custom Progressives
  • Custom Hex Gages
  • Vermont Ring Gages
  • Custom Rings
  • Masters
  • Custom Setting Discs
  • Hole Location Gages
  • Flexible Hole Location Gages
  • Thread Gages
  • Standard Taperlocks
  • Standard Reversibles
  • Standard STI (Screw Thread Insert)
  • Standard Rings
  • Standard Setting Plugs
  • Thread Measuring Wires
  • Gear Measuring Wires
  • Standard Pipe Plugs
  • Standard Pipe Rings
  • Blanks
  • Standard HSS Jobber Length/Long Length
  • Standard Cobalt Jobber Length
  • Custom Straight Blanks
  • Accessories
  • Gage Handlers, Holders, Bushings, Boxes and Inserts
ATS Offers Several Calibration Services

Regardless of the engineering needs of your company, ATS Calibrations can inspect and test your metrology equipment. Our lab facilities are A2LA-recognized with accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Dimensional inspection and equipment repair services are also offered by our experts.

Below are various services offered by ATS Calibrations.

Utilizing an ICP back-to-back comparison methodology, we calibrate accelerometers in our Model 9155 workstations in accordance to ISO 16063-21 standards. Automated procedures are followed in consideration of your test requirements with defined manufacturer accelerometer specifications.

Upholding regular maintenance of avionic tools guarantees operational performance in assuring safety. Our Calibration experts abide by your manufacturer standards to certify that proper procedures are followed throughout the testing and verification process.

Major manufacturer standards we recognize (but are not limited to):

  • IFR
  • ATA
  • Collins
  • Aerospatiale
  • Bendix

Addressing the calibration needs of our customers, our Calibrations department regularly inspects external, internal, and fixed gages. Calibrating XXX, XX, X, Y, Z, and ZZ classes, we follow methodologies in accordance with the tolerances of the toolmaker.

To ensure precise measurements, all inspected gages are cleaned, and temperature stabilized in our laboratory for a minimum of 24 hours prior to calibration.

Applied Technical Services – A Leader in Calibration Services

For more than 50 years, Applied Technical Services experts have utilized extensive measurement and analysis capabilities in uncovering technical facts to provide engineering solutions. Our 23 U.S. locations are all committed to providing a customer-oriented focus for our wide range of clients. We follow our ISO 9001 certified Quality System for value enhancement through:

  • Services that are performed to applicable standards (ISO, ASTM, ASME, AWS, AMS, etc.)
  • Employees who are trained and qualified
  • Reports containing clear and accurate data with average turnaround times of 5 to 7 business days

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