Mahr-Federal Calibration Services

MAHR-Federal Calibration Services

Applied Technical Services performs MAHR-Federal calibration services. Mahr-Federal is a supplier of dimensional measuring technology gages and systems including, hand tools, electronic gages, metering systems, ball-bearing guide products, snap gages and indicators. The Mahr-Federal production metrology products embody technical innovation and quality-orientation to progress the technical success and efficiency of measuring instruments. We at ATS offer Mahr-Federal equipment and can also calibrate their instruments.

ATS Calibrates Mahr-Federal Measuring Instruments Including:

Our Calibrations
Founded in 1987, ATS Calibrations offers inspection and testing services to metrology equipment both in-lab or on-site. Our labs are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 (A2LA), with companies within the occupations of Aerospace, Defense, and Automotive industries approving our metrology services. Listed below are several of our Calibration offerings:

Monitoring the shifts and changes in your electronic metrology equipment is essential in guaranteeing confidence in your test results. ATS provides Calibration services for many electronic inspections and testing instruments, including:

Our Environmental Equipment Calibrations team regularly services information devices such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and other environmental data loggers. Our team calibrates to manufacturer standards to meet specific quality assurance requirements.

Environmental Calibration services include:

The calibration of Force, Pressure, and Torque metrology equipment is conducted within one of our environmentally-controlled labs to control parameters necessary for accurate inspection. Complete solutions for Force, Pressure, and Torque instrumentation include, but are not limited to:

About Applied Technical Services

For over 50 years, Applied Technical Services has been a principal consulting engineering and inspection services provider. With over 750 employees, ATS experts embody integrity and professionalism throughout all implementations, facilitating for growth within the automotive, aerospace, nuclear, commercial properties, consumer products, general manufacturing, and other industries. Our defined Quality System standard satisfies our mission of enhanced customer service and its progression. ATS seeks merit in its business practices through:

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