Jamar Dynamometer Calibration

Jamar Dynamometer Calibrations

ATS routinely provides calibration services on Jamar Dynamometers. This highly-regarded instrument manufacturer tends to be one of the more popular handheld grip strength dynamometers due to its durability. In order to provide proper hand strength measurements, therapy and record keeping, it is it vital to keep this type of tool properly serviced and calibrated. Our lab experts have years of experience calibrating tools to suggested manufacturing procedures and industry standards/regulations. Our A2LA ISO 17025 accredited labs provide data that is are fully NIST traceable. ATS serves clients nationally and globally and is known for their friendly service, accurate testing, proper documentation, and quick turnarounds.

Jamar Dynamometer Calibration Services

Types of Jamar Hand Held Tools We Service:

  • Hydraulic
  • Digital

Why Use ATS As Your Calibration Provider:

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