Fred V Fowler Calibration Services

ATS experts are competent in offering Fred V Fowler Calibration Services. Fred V. Fowler has been a supplier of high-quality metrology equipment since 1946. Establishing affiliations with other companies, Fred V. Fowler remains dynamic throughout the progressing industry by designing metrology equipment immersed with technological innovations.  We are experienced in addressing technological changes, routinely calibrating Fowler Tools to achieve measurement certainty.

ATS Calibrates Fred V. Fowler Equipment Including:
Our Calibration Labs

Our Calibration department has been a provider of full-service calibration, repair, and inspection services to metrology equipment for over 30 years. Accredited to ISO 17025 by A2LA, ATS Calibrations are suitable for our serviced Aerospace, Automotive, Military, and Nuclear industries.

Leading Aerospace companies trust ATS with their aviation calibration needs. Our Avionics Calibration team services numerous Avionic manufacturers, including:

Offering calibrations for several infrared, humidity, temperature, and recording devices, our Environmental Equipment Calibrations Lab operates in accordance with industry standards to ensure accurate metrology results.

Environmental Calibrations services offered include:

Our Calibrations Lab can inspect and measure most off-the-shelf commercial hand tools. Hand Tool Calibrations by ATS are performed in our environmentally-controlled labs to ensure proper conditions are met.

Serviceable hand tools include:

About Applied Technical Services

As an independent institution for over 50 years, Applied Technical Services has retained its status as a world-renowned consulting engineering and inspection firm in several industries. Our laboratory and in-field services seek continuous improvement through our Quality System compliant with our accreditation and certification scopes. Customer service excellence is achieved by our team through:

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