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The sun is a powerful destructive force. It provides visible light and heat but also emits invisible rays on an electromagnetic spectrum. Ultraviolet (UV) rays affect materials over time. Whether they are directly or indirectly exposed, things like patio furniture or car interiors may show signs of UV radiation damage. The effects range from color fading to cracking to strength loss. Solar testing allows us to determine what damage may occur to a product without waiting for nature to take its course.
At Applied Technical Services, we employ several methods of solar testing. Our technicians can evaluate the effects of UV radiation alongside other weathering processes, such as heat or moisture exposure. Our labs are ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited to test to the ASTM G154 standard, among others, such as ASTM D4587, ASTM D4329, and ASTM D5894. These tests show us what months or years of damage might look like while only taking days or weeks to complete.
The ASTM G154 Standard
ASTM G154 is the standard practice for exposing nonmetallic materials to fluorescent UV light. Testing to this standard involves cyclic exposure to UV light and may include exposure to moisture to evaluate the product’s overall resistance to weathering. This standard helps our technicians evaluate the effects of UV on materials like adhesives, sealants, plastics, printing inks, and coatings. This standard also applies to outdoor household products and roofing materials. After the sample has gone through exposure, technicians test qualities such as tensile strength, color, abrasion, and gloss for any change compared to pre-exposure.
ATS: A Dependable Service Provider
Applied Technical Services offers a variety of solar testing services. The environmental testing division, which carries out our solar testing, is registered for the ISO 9001 quality assurance program. Our lab had maintained this certification uninterrupted since 1998, proving our dedication to quality service. We operate over a dozen UV testing machines, with exposure areas up to 1,130in2.
At ATS, we are dedicated to continually improving our customer experience. We value clear communication and always conduct our services in a professional manner. Our testing specialists follow recognized standards and deliver results as quickly and accurately as possible. If you ever have a question or need clarification, our customer service representatives will connect you with the most relevant staff member. Our experts are engaged and responsive.
If your company needs an ASTM G154 service provider, contact ATS today.

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