A technician performs torque wrench repair and calibration on a digital machine set to 0.56 ppm.

Torque Wrench Repair and Calibration

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) provides torque wrench repair and calibration services for continued accuracy and precision. Torque wrenches control the amount of torsion applied to a fastener, such as a nut, bolt, or lag screw.

Many industries rely on torque wrenches in daily operations, including aerospace, manufacturing, plumbing, HVAC, and medical. Torsion control is critical in situations requiring extreme precision, such as automotive work and pipeline fitting. Users can set the tool to a desired tension value to avoid overtightening or under-tightening fasteners, which may cause wear, fatigue, or failure of critical structures or components.

Our clients often request torque wrench calibration services for reasons including:

What Types of Torque Wrenches Does ATS Calibrate and Repair?
Clients who need a trustworthy and versatile calibration provider for powerful torque equipment can trust ATS to provide exceptional service quality and customer service. Our A2LA-accredited calibration lab has served clients from a variety of industries since 1987, calibrating mechanical, digital, and electronic torque devices such as:
Calipers can become unreliable when damaged, jostled, or subjected to harsh environments. Manufacturers like Mitutoyo recommend periodic calibrations from an accredited third party. ATS calibrates the hand tools used in many industries, including:
Torque Wrench Services

Clients can ship their devices to our A2LA-accredited calibration lab for calibrations with state-of-the-art equipment by knowledgeable experts. Our calibration technicians work quickly, achieving an average turnaround rate of 7 to 10 business days. For an additional charge, an ATS technician can calibrate and ship a device within 48 hours of its arrival at our lab.


Our calibration services begin with a basic cleaning. The technician cleans the surface of the torque wrench, removing debris that would affect the reading. A clean surface helps the technician accurately calibrate the device and locate damage that may impact performance.

Repair Plans

If a technician finds damage that needs repair, ATS halts the procedure to speak with the client. We can provide an estimated repair quote to help the client decide whether to proceed with a repair plan or to replace the device. For transparency of costs, ATS will not proceed with repairs or calibrations without a client’s approval.

Calibration Procedures

The ATS calibration procedure for torque wrenches complies with the ASME B107.300 standard. A technician compares a client’s torque wrench with NIST-traceable primary or secondary standards. ATS uses a highly accurate torque analyzer with an overlapping measurement range with the device under test.

After cleaning and inspecting the device, the technician flexes the torque wrench and subjects the wrench to five test loads across the device’s capacity range in clockwise and counterclockwise directions. At each load, the technician verifies that readings are within the manufacturer or client’s tolerances. When calibrating a torque wrench with angle measurement capabilities, the technician additionally tests angle accuracy with an angle text fixture or protractor with +/-0.2˚  accuracy.

Our experts calibrate torque wrenches with the following capabilities:

Reports and Certificates
We conclude our services with a concise report of the device’s condition and performance provided to clients on iPortal, our secure calibration platform. iPortal also includes downloadable and printable records of the following:
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The growing ATS FoC delivers consulting engineering, inspection, testing, and calibration services from strategic locations across the US for convenient travel and shipping. We are qualified to provide field and lab calibrations in accordance with multiple quality standards and accreditations:
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