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Rice Lake Weighing Systems Calibration

Call Applied Technical Services for Rice Lake Weighing Systems calibration of industrial balances, weights, and scales. ATS calibration services support industrial applications from manufacturing and construction to chemical testing and energy production. Our A2LA-accredited calibration lab frequently works with weighing equipment, including analytical and triple beam balances, platform and crane scales, and weights.

ATS Calibration Expertise

The ATS calibration lab is A2LA-accredited in mechanical calibrations, providing services in compliance with ASTM/ANSI, National Bureau of Standards (NBS), and NIST standards. Our experts have decades of combined experience inspecting and calibrating a variety of instruments. If a device is out of tolerance, ATS’ experts quickly make as-needed adjustments to restore weighing devices to operation readiness, typically within 7 to 10 business days of arrival in the lab.

Our experts can tailor calibration procedures to standard or client specifications. We use calibration weights from the following classes:

Before calibrating any device, a technician thoroughly prepares the subject before leaving it to stabilize for at least 24 hours in ambient temperatures of 68 ˚ F (+/- 1.0 ˚ F) with 30-55% relative humidity (RH).

24/7 Accessible Reports

After each calibration service, ATS provides a documented report of the device’s condition and calibration certificate. Our certificates include as found and as left data, calibration points of comparison, deviation from client or manufacturer tolerances, and descriptions of actions taken to adjust the instrument under our care. Clients can conveniently access downloadable and printable reports of their device’s calibration history and status through our secure web platform, iPortal.

ATS Accreditations and Qualifications
When it comes to calibrations, ATS is more than qualified to handle a variety of industrial equipment. From handheld tools to large machines, our calibration experts work diligently to identify measurement errors and restore devices to operational readiness.

We also offer broad consulting engineering, testing, and inspection services to national and international clients. In addition to calibrations, we maintain A2LA accreditations in mechanical, nondestructive, electrical, and chemical testing. Our services adhere to strict industry standards and regulations, including 10 CFR Part 21 and 10 CFR 50 – Appendix B, along with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 requirements for calibration laboratories and measuring and testing equipment.

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