A technician uses a Fluke 87V digital multimeter to measure performance of a large car battery. The meter is grey with a protective yellow case.

Fluke 87V Calibration

Applied Technical Services offers Fluke 87V calibration services to ensure digital multimeter accuracy. Combining the capabilities of several industrial meters, the Fluke 87V measures voltage, current, resistance, and temperature. ATS delivers Fluke calibrations for new and older models of the Fluke 87, including the latest Fluke 87V MAX.

Our clients may also rely on digital multimeters (DMM) to take measurements for preventative maintenance procedures. The rugged design withstands extreme environments, such as industrial sites with heavy moisture, dust, electrical noise, and vibrations. Fluke 87V’s versatility makes it a popular device for troubleshooting electric and HVAC systems.
Why Do You Need to Calibrate a Digital Multimeter?

Even the hardiest of digital multimeters can gradually lose accuracy in a process known as drift. Mechanical abuse from falls or impacts can displace the meter’s internal components and make the readings unreliable. In extreme cases, a damaged meter may have exposed wires, which is a massive safety hazard.

To keep the powerful multimeter in good condition and retain its longevity, users should regularly calibrate the critical instrument. Fluke recommends annual calibrations to maintain accuracy. Devices intended for more demanding industries may need multiple calibrations a year. Clients may also require Fluke 87V calibration for reasons such as:

Fluke Calibrations with ATS
ATS maintains several A2LA-accredited labs for many calibration and testing services. Our experts frequently work with various industrial devices from Fluke and other major companies. We can perform multimeter calibrations in environmentally controlled labs for optimal precision and NIST traceability.

Our experts can calibrate Fluke meters according to the manufacturer’s procedures. We can compare a meter’s performance with the manufacturer and client specifications to ensure operability, adjusting nonconforming meters to restore accuracy. Performance tests help our experts verify multimeter performance when taking measurements in:

Our experts provide clients with a certificate of calibration for official records. We preserve downloadable copies of past certificates on our secure calibration site, iPortal.
About ATS
The ATS staff has a wide range of expertise in consulting engineering, calibrations, inspections, and testing. We can send an expert to your location or accept shipments to one of our accredited labs. Our headquarters in Marietta, Georgia houses a Super Lab complex accredited in ISO/IEC 17025:2017 calibrations and mechanical, electrical, chemical, and nondestructive testing. Our labs satisfy regulatory guidelines 10 CFR 21 and 10 CFR 50 – Appendix B, along with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1.

We make high-quality customer service our number one priority. Our technicians and certified experts work diligently to deliver services with a quick turnaround rate of 7-10 business days. Following calibration, we release a comprehensive report on iPortal.

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