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Thermal Mass Flow Meter Calibrations

Experts from the Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) perform thermal mass flow meter calibrations for critical industry applications. Industries as diverse as nuclear and manufacturing depend on thermal mass flow meters to calculate mass flow rate, temperature, and other performance indicators. The ATS FoC provides calibration services to help clients maintain confidence in their readings.

Thermal mass flow meters calculate flow rate based on the conduction of heat from a sensor to the passing fluid. When a meter is out of phase, it provides incorrect data that can have unexpected consequences for the meter’s operators and their clients. Governing bodies and meter manufacturers may require annual or biennial recalibrations to avoid the potential hazards of uncalibrated equipment.

NIST-Traceable Services
The ATS FoC calibrates thermal mass flow meters to ensure conformity with NIST measurement standards. Our technicians compare a client’s thermal flow meter to our master meter and adjust the device under test until it returns to client tolerances. Technicians can also identify and repair damage that may impact performance.

We follow every service with professional calibration reports available online and in our proprietary smart phone app. Our comprehensive reports include:

Calibrating Thermal Mass Flow Meters
We uphold a standard turnaround rate of 7-10 business days, with the possibility of expedited service. Clients can apply for on-site services or ship devices to our A2LA-accredited lab, where experts use powerful equipment to replicate real-world operating conditions.

Our calibrations lab has five primary air flow systems that align with NIST precision measurements. The calibration systems span a broad range of flow rates, temperatures, and pressures to anticipate the many types of meters and capabilities sent our way. Each system has an uncertainty level as low as 0.15% of the reading. The combined systems achieve the following:

Gas Flow Meter Calibration

When testing gas flow meters, our experts can calibrate the meter with the gas or gas mixture used during operation, such as:

Click here for a complete list of calibration gases.
While thermal mass flow meters typically operate in gas flow applications, we also calibrate liquid flow meters. Click here to learn more about how we calibrate liquid flow meters with gravimetric and Coriolis standards.
Calibrating Common and Uncommon Manufacturer Products

Different manufacturers sell meters with unique designs and materials that may give inexperienced companies pause, making Applied Technical Services the clear choice for thermal mass flow meter calibrations. The ATS FoC has a long history of calibrating equipment from many name-brand manufacturers, including:

A History of Calibration Excellence

The ATS Family of Companies is capable of an astonishing range of calibration, consulting engineering, testing, and inspection services. Our work empowers national and international clients to make informed decisions based on reliable and accurate test data. 

With laboratories and testing facilities throughout the continental U.S. and abroad, we can send experts to your site or accept shipments in locations convenient to your business. Our labs are A2LA-accredited in ISO 17025 calibrations and material, nondestructive, chemical, and electric testing. Additionally, we comply with quality standards and federal regulations:
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