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For a superior calibration service provider, look no further than Applied Technical Services. Our calibration department offers sine bar calibration as part of our long list of mechanical calibration services. ATS can ensure that your sine bar records accurate and consistent measurements while complying with applicable standards.
Maintaining Sine Bar Accuracy
Used to record specific angle measurements of angled parts and objects, sine bars consist of two cylinders of equal diameter fixed to the ends of a hardened steel bar. When taking a measurement, one cylinder remains on the base surface while the other cylinder is raised to a known distance using gage blocks. The height of the gage blocks and the distance between the centers of the cylinders can then be used to calculate the angle using the sine rule.
For businesses that use sine bars in their operations, knowing whether their instruments are delivering reliable data is essential. Fortunately, they can come to ATS for a comprehensive sine bar calibration service performed to a high degree of accuracy. Our technicians can verify the radii of the cylinders, the distance between the cylinders, and whether the cylinders are parallel to the horizontal surface. Data generated in our lab is traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the certificates include As Found and As Left data.
With our advanced labs, experienced staff, and helpful client support representatives, we can accommodate our services to meet your individual needs. We service sine bars from multiple manufacturers, including (but not limited to):
ATS – Your Provider for Calibrations
For decades, Applied Technical Services has maintained its status as a leader in testing and inspection services. In keeping with our high standards for quality, we hold each service to our ISO certified quality program. ATS also offers calibration services for electronic, environmental, thermal, onsite, and other types of instruments and equipment.

Online Records

For our clients’ convenience, we offer calibration records access online through the iPortal secure web platform. You can instantly access calibration certificates, future recall dates, and asset history.

Call us today for more details about ATS sine bar calibration and to receive a free quote. Our clients can expect a short turnaround window and accurate results. ATS – We take a closer look!

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