An electrician holds a yellow digital multimeter to read an electric distribution board.

Fluke DMM Calibration

Fluke DMM calibration with Applied Technical Services enables clients to continue taking electrical measurements with documented accuracy. ATS operates multiple A2LA-accredited labs for quick calibration and thorough inspections. Our experts work with devices from many manufacturers to cover diverse client needs.

Digital multimeters (DMMs) combine the functions of multiple meters to measure voltage, current, and resistance. Some Fluke DMM models have additional functions for infrared mapping and measuring temperature, capacitance, and continuity.
Fluke Multimeters
We calibrate Fluke benchtop and handheld digital multimeters. Fluke’s portable handheld multimeters troubleshoot electrical issues in the field, where the frequent movement and operating environment increase the potential for damage. Clients should schedule calibration after an event, such as dropping the meter, as the mechanical impact may cause errors.

Benchtop multimeters capture a wider range of high-resolution measurements than handheld devices but are susceptible to signal interference and external noise, so clients must regularly ensure accuracy across the entire range.

Multimeter Calibration Services

ATS provides field and laboratory calibrations for national and international clients. Our A2LA-accredited (Cert. No. 1888.03) calibration lab can verify multimeters with the following ranges:

Our experts follow documented, controlled procedures and standards to quickly determine if readings are within manufacturer or client tolerances and to restore operations as soon as possible. Our standard turnaround rate is 7 to 10 business days from shipment arrival at one of our labs.

Fluke DMM Calibration Outcomes

ATS calibration services renew client confidence in readings. Our NIST-traceable calibrations confirm a digital multimeter meets the client’s performance standards for accuracy, precision, and repeatability. We provide clients with an official certificate of calibration and a report of as-found and as-left conditions, including any repairs and adjustments made under our care.

We store calibration reports on iPortal, our secure calibration site. iPortal makes reports available 24/7 so clients can keep up with their device statuses at their convenience. Our online reports also include due dates, past calibration certificates, and overall records of device histories.
We work with other Fluke devices for measuring flow, temperature, and pressure. Additionally, we calibrate DMMs from manufacturers such as Agilent, ExTech, Keithley, Omega, TEK, and Yokogawa.
When Do You Need Calibrations?

Calibration is critical to maintaining analog and digital devices because the physical components in a multimeter shift over time, affecting performance. Fluke recommends periodic calibrations at least once a year to counter the effects of age, heavy use, and a severe environment.

Some companies require frequent calibrations to ensure devices meet operation, maintenance, and quality objectives. Clients may also request calibration before a major project.

Why ATS?
ATS has provided consulting engineering, analysis, inspection, and testing services for over 50 years. Several ATS labs maintain ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditations from A2LA. Our services align with our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System for optimized performance and quality, and we adhere to nuclear industry regulations 10 CFR Part 21, 10 CFR 50 – Appendix B, and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1. Click here to learn more about our certifications and standards.
The ATS Family of Companies (FoC) unites the expertise and capabilities of dozens of firms nationwide to direct the most effective solution to clients. Our experts can travel to client locations or calibrate shipped devices in one of our labs. Our quick turnaround rate and thorough reporting reflect the FoC’s focus on high-quality customer service.
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