A row of flow sensors at an industrial plant. Pipelines are visible in the background.

Flow Sensor Calibration

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) provides flow sensor calibration for clients nationwide. Also called a flow meter, a flow sensor is an electronic device which measures liquid and gas traveling through piping systems. The flow rate indicates the overall efficiency of piping systems in a variety of industrial applications.

Regularly calibrated flow sensors provide clients with the following:

Our experts document their findings in reports that include the as-found and as-left data, a description of any adjustments or repairs made to the equipment, and the device’s calibration history to inform future calibration schedules.

Gas Flow Meters

The ATS FoC is ISO/IEC 17025-accredited to perform calibrations according to NIST processes. We operate five primary calibration systems for meters that measure gas, gas mixtures, and flammable gases through piping systems. The calibration systems are compatible with meters that handle a flow rate as low as 1sccm and as high as 1,500 slm. Additionally, the calibrators can handle pressures up to 1,000 psig (69 bar). These systems provide high accuracy with uncertainties up to 0.2% of the reading.

Specialty Gas Flow Calibration

In addition to air flow meters, we can calibrate flow meters with a variety of gasses:

Using Laminar flow elements (LFE) and sonic nozzles (Critical Flow Venturis) for quick volumetric or mass flow measurements, we can reach the following:

High-Range Gas Flow Calibration

Performed exclusively in our ISO 17025-accredited lab, high-range gas flow calibration handles particularly robust flow meters. Our high-range system can achieve a flow rate of up to 5,000 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm), equivalent to 141,584 standard liters per minute (slpm) and 370 pounds per minute (lbm). The highest uncertainty of measurement is only 0.22%.

Our experts have experience calibrating a variety of high-range meters, such as:

Liquid Flow Meters
Based on the fluid’s displacement or velocity, liquid flow meters calculate how quickly liquid flows through a pipeline. ATS works most often with water as a calibration medium, tracking how efficiently a pipeline delivers water for numerous industries and environments.

We maintain four NIST-traceable primary liquid flow calibration systems with overlapping capabilities that check each other, providing more rigorous and accurate measurements. Our combined systems are so powerful that they measure flow rates as high as 900 gallons per minute (gpm) and pressures as great as 1,000 psig (69 bar). These systems have uncertainties as low as 0.06% and 0.10%.

We are capable of three approaches for liquid flow calibration:

Calibrations with the ATS FoC
The ATS Family of Companies combines the services of consulting engineering, calibration, inspection, and testing companies. With locations in most states, experts from the ATS FoC can conveniently reach clients from coast to coast. We provide on-site and laboratory calibration services per the following accreditations and quality standards:

ATS provides calibrations and tests critical to a variety of industries and contexts, including:

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