A technician in a blue jacket aims a Fluke IR thermometer at a green power generator and measures the temperatures emitted by the equipment.

Fluke IR Thermometer Calibration

ATS delivers NIST-traceable Fluke IR thermometer calibration to restore function and accuracy. The infrared thermometer has applications in several industries, such as electrical, HVAC, automotive, construction, manufacturing, and research. Professionals rely on infrared thermometers to take temperature measurements as most infrared waves on the electromagnetic spectrum are invisible to the human eye. As with all equipment, infrared thermometers can drift and need calibration.
When Do You Calibrate Thermometers?
Many manufacturers, including Fluke, recommend infrared thermometers be recalibrated at least once a year. Thermometers may need periodic calibrations multiple times a year if used frequently, give precise measurements, or operate in extreme environments with any of the following conditions:
We can also calibrate IR thermometers after field or storage accidents, such as a fall. Clients should send thermometers ATS’ qualified calibration lab for damage inspections and repair consultations after an incident.
Why ATS?
ATS offers professional calibrations from experts with decades of combined experience. Our first calibration lab opened in 1987, and we have since developed a reputation for high-quality service and thorough reporting. Today, our calibration experts run an A2LA-accredited lab with equipment for NIST-traceable primary and secondary standards.
Clients can conveniently ship their devices to the ATS calibration lab for an estimated 7-10 day turnaround. Once a device arrives in our calibration lab, it spends at least 24 hours acclimating to the stable environment. We maintain a laboratory temperature close to 68 ˚F and 30-55% relative humidity (RH) for optimal calibrating conditions.

ATS typically calibrates instruments with at least five points across the thermometer’s range to ensure accuracies at minimum, maximum, and medium detectable temperatures. At each calibration point, our experts compare a client’s device with blackbody calibrators capable of detecting temperatures as low as -30 ˚C and as high as 500 ˚C. If the readings are not within tolerances set by the client or Fluke, our experts adjust the instrument until it returns to specifications.

Certificates of Calibration
After working with any instrument, our experts record all observations and performance data with a certificate of calibration available on our secure web platform, iPortal. Each certificate of calibration includes the following:
Fluke Calibrations
Our experts accept a variety of Fluke products besides IR thermometers, including:
Get to Know ATS
ATS is an expanding consulting engineering, calibration, testing, and inspection firm based in Marietta, Georgia. Since we opened our doors in 1967, ATS’ dedicated technicians have focused their efforts on helping clients make informed decisions based on expert data. Our calibration team operates one of multiple A2LA-accredited labs for ISO/IEC 17025:2017 services. We adhere to ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, 10 CFR Part 21, and 10 CFR 50 – Appendix B. Click here to learn more about our qualifications.
ATS also manages a Family of Companies (FoC) consisting of dozens of professional firms with similar values and a cohesive service mission. Get to know the ATS FoC on this page.
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