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Vacuum Gage Calibration Services

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) performs vacuum gauge calibration services that evaluate the precision of vacuum gauges.

What is a Vacuum Gauge?

A vacuum gauge is an instrument that measures the pressure in vacuums or vessels with sub-atmospheric pressure. Businesses use vacuum gauges in a wide range of applications, many of which require supreme precision and accuracy, making accurate vacuum gauge’s critical to the success of an application.

More About Our Calibration Services
We offer high quality calibration services that help our clients correct any inaccuracies with their measuring equipment and sensors, including vacuum gauges. During the calibration process, our employees compare the value yielded by our client’s vacuum gauge to a known reference. If the numbers don’t align, we make the necessary adjustments and corrections to ensure that our clients’ equipment is within the desired range of accuracy. We offer in-lab and on-site calibration services, ensuring we meet our clients’ demands in a timely manner.
The Importance of Vacuum Guage Calibrations
In general, businesses should conduct vacuum gauge calibrations annually, but more frequent calibrations may be necessary for equipment that is used often. A vacuum gauge’s factory calibration will degrade over time, so they require calibration to verify their accuracy, which helps manufacturers avoid the unreliable measurements produced by uncalibrated devices. A failure to confirm your equipment’s accuracy could result in the following:
Our Commitment to Quality
Our highly trained employees use our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited labs to conduct a wide range of calibration, inspection, and testing services that assist our clients as they seek to improve their operations, products, and ability to comply with standards and regulations. For over 55 years, we’ve continuously invested in our staff and equipment as we continue to expand our operations and capabilities to keep pace with the growing demands in various commercial industries. To ensure that our services meet or exceed our expectations, we provide the following:
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