Fluke 5522A

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) calibrates the Fluke 5522A multi-product calibrator to ensure its accuracy.

What is the Fluke 5522A, and What is a Calibrator?
Fluke Calibration manufactures various types of calibration equipment including the Fluke 5522A, a highly capable multi-product calibrator. The 5522A’s rugged design makes it a durable device that offers the portability required to maximize the convenience of a mobile calibrator. The Fluke 5522A functions as a current, resistance, and voltage calibrator that can calibrate the following:
Our Fluke Calibration Services
Our calibrations utilize our state-of-the-art calibration labs when conducting calibrations on various types of equipment. Our services help our clients ensure that their devices meet the specifications listed in the device’s operator’s manual. We calibrate multiple types of Fluke Calibration instruments, including:
Why is It Important to Calibrate the Fluke 5522a?

Industry professionals revere Fluke Calibration products for their precision and reliability, but like all types of equipment, Fluke products require an occasional calibration to sustain their reliability. The Fluke 5522A is very versatile, making it a popular choice across various applications, and any inaccuracies in its measurements could have long-lasting effects on a product or project. For example, a client with an inaccurate device may find that every calibration conducted using the 5522A may be inaccurate to various degrees, which can be a costly issue to resolve. A failure to regularly calibrate multi-product calibrators, such as the Fluke 5522A causes numerous complications, such as:

We recommend that our clients calibrate their Fluke 5522A’s annually as suggested by the operator’s manual. However, numerous factors can demand the calibrations receive more frequent calibrations to sustain their advertised level of precision, performance, and reliability, such as:

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