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Indicator and Indicator Tester Calibration

The applications of indicators are wide and varied, but the need for indicator and indicator tester calibration from a reliable lab, such as Applied Technical Services, remains constant. Over time, indicators and indicator testers may lose accuracy. Age, wear, and the device’s environmental conditions can lead to measurement drift. The environmental factors that may impact indicators and indicator testers include:
An uncalibrated or improperly calibrated device can take imprecise measurements or give incorrect readings, which can have disastrous ramifications for the users. Many industries depend on indicators for accurate measurements, from aircraft navigation systems to manufacturing machine setups. Regular calibration of these metrological and calibration instruments enables clients to make critical business decisions based on accurate and reliable data.
Indicator Calibration

ATS experts can regularly calibrate indicators to ensure the devices continue to take accurate measurements of short distances and angles. Its easy readability and straightforward design make it a popular gauge for repetitive and comparative measurements in various industrial contexts.

To calibrate an indicator, ATS technicians use an indicator tester or set of gauge blocks with a scope of up to twelve inches. Our experts work with a variety of mechanical, electronic, and aviation indicators, such as the following:
*ATS is not A2LA accredited to calibrate coaxial indicators, but a non-accredited lab can work with your device.
Indicator Tester Calibration

To accurately calibrate indicators and other instruments, indicator testers require calibration themselves. Before ATS experts begin calibrating, we clean all surfaces of the indicator tester to eliminate contamination and temperature-based errors. Next, we set up the device under test (DUT) with either a transfer gauge or gauge blocks. We calibrate on a flat surface plate for precise measurements and a controlled setup. This equipment allows our experts to calibrate through a range of up to one inch.

ATS Calibrations
ATS offers calibration services on-site and in our A2LA-accredited lab. An expert can travel to your location to calibrate an indicator in person; however, we calibrate indicator testers only in our lab. For lab calibrations, clients can ship their devices to an accredited ATS calibration facility, where laboratory experts can deliver calibrations at a turnaround rate of 10-14 business days.

Our calibration processes are NIST-traceable, and we can tailor our procedures to meet additional specifications:

After working with an indicator or indicator tester, the ATS technicians responsible for your device communicate their observations and deliverables in a clear and concise report including as-found and as-left data, nonconformances and the subsequent adjustments or repairs made to the instrument (if applicable), device history, and status.

Clients can also keep up with device histories, due date reports, statuses, and calibration certificates on iPortal, the web-based interface for ATS calibrations.
Industries and Manufacturers Served

ATS experts work with precision instruments from manufacturers such as:

About ATS and the FoC
Founded in 1967, ATS delivers consulting engineering, calibration, inspection, and testing services to national and international clients. Our services empower clients in business, legal, and industry settings. Staffed by expert technicians and engineers with decades of experience and education, ATS continues to expand its service capabilities. We lead a growing Family of Companies (FoC) with locations in most states, helping us support clients faster than ever.
ATS experts strive to deliver service excellence according to the company’s ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) and company standards. We meet the requirements for ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 calibrations and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 We operate multiple labs A2LA accredited to perform ISO/IEC 17025:2017 procedures:
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