A technician's gloved hands hold a tension/compression gauge. Several other dial gauges lay on a table in the foreground.

Tension and Compression Gauge Calibration

ATS provides tension/compression, tension, and compression gauge calibration services for clients with diverse equipment and requirements. From automotive maintenance to assembly line production, many industries depend on accurate and precise measurements of tensile and compressive forces on a material, component, or structure. Workers may take measurements with a combination of gauges:

Over time, gauges are subject to measurement drift and wear. ATS can determine a gauge’s accuracy and precision with our broad calibration services. Regular and precise calibration allows clients to continue to take accurate measurements in the field, on the assembly line, and wherever needed.
Calibrating Tension, Compression, and Tension/Compression Gauges
To calibrate a gauge, our experts apply a force to the device under test (DUT) and a standard reference. We can use a variety of equipment for compressive loads and tensile forces. For example, our laboratory loading stand can apply a tension or compression force of up to 100,000 pounds. When performing on-site calibrations, our experts can apply a maximum of 60,000 pounds of tension forces and 600,000 pounds of compression.

Next, our experts compare the DUT’s reading with our standard to determine the gauge’s precision and accuracy. If the DUT’s measurement lies outside of tolerance, ATS technicians can adjust the instrument or display to deliver a tighter reading. If the device is beyond repair, we can tag out the gauge and investigate why it failed.

Our experts compile this data in a clear and concise report that includes the following:

Clients can access an electronic copy of their device’s calibration certificates, status, and history through the ATS iPortal web application.

About Our Calibration Lab
ATS delivers high-quality service from experienced technicians. Our first calibration lab opened in 1987, and in the intervening decades, our department has expanded to multiple locations nationwide. Our lead calibrations lab is A2LA-accredited to perform calibrations on a variety of equipment.
Clients can ship devices to one of our qualified labs, or we can send an expert to your location for on-site calibrations. Once the shipped device reaches our lab, the ATS turnaround rate is usually between 5-7 or 7-10 business days.

Our calibration processes are NIST-traceable, and we can customize the procedure to follow ASTM E4 and other relevant standards. We can also calibrate critical devices to client and OEM tolerances.

Get to Know ATS
ATS empowers clients through a variety of calibration, consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services. We operate multiple A2LA and NADCAP-accredited labs staffed by experts with decades of combined experience. The growing ATS Family of Companies (FoC) complements our capabilities to satisfy client needs. With locations nationwide, ATS is uniquely capable of on-site and laboratory services from coast to coast.
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Call +1 (888) 287-5227 or use the form on this page to schedule tension and compression gauge calibration with ATS’s calibration experts. Whether in our lab or at your site, we can quickly calibrate and verify your gauge and return it to operation. For accurate and reliable calibrations, leave your device in our capable hands.
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