A digital snap gauge holds a circular automotive part in place for dimensional measurements.

Snap Gauge Calibration

Snap gauge calibration from Applied Technical Services helps ensure accuracy and restore trust in critical dimensional measurements. Used to measure outside diameter, thickness, and length, snap gauges (also called snap gages) support urgent decisions regarding the quality of components in the lab, on the assembly line, and in the field.

Measurement speed and versatility have made snap gauges a must-have tool for industries as diverse as automotive, electronics, engineering, and manufacturing. Snap gauges are commonly used in go/no-go decisions for cylindrical and non-cylindrical workpieces like pipes, shafts, bolts, and threaded parts.
Why Calibrate a Snap Gauge?
Many professionals base on-the-spot decisions and quality monitoring procedures on snap gauge measurements. To maintain confidence in their readings, businesses consult third-party calibration labs for regular inspections and calibrations. ATS is A2LA-accredited in many calibration procedures for dimensional measurements and tools. Our staff’s considerable experience means we can quickly identify drift and determine the source of common errors, such as:
Periodic gauge calibrations are essential to keeping snap gauges accurate and reliable. All measuring equipment begins to drift over time, resulting in inaccurate measurements that can lead to wasted resources, low-quality products, and a damaged reputation. Regular calibration can reveal equipment trends our clients can incorporate into maintenance and repair plans, extending the service life of critical equipment.
How Does ATS Calibrate a Snap Gauge?
Devices calibrated in our state-of-the-art lab first undergo a conditioning period of 24+ hours to stabilize after transport. As temperature and humidity can influence performance, we set our lab to +/- 2˚ of 68 ˚F with controlled relative humidity levels. ATS experts then inspect the device for loose parts and damage. If an expert concludes the damage needs repairs, ATS will consult with the client about repair plans before proceeding.
We are A2LA accredited to calibrate tools with outside diameter ranges up to 12 inches in our calibration lab and 10 inches in the field. Using the powerful Pratt and Whitney Labmaster Universal, our experts compare gauges with NIST-traceable primary or secondary standards to verify the following:
What Types of Gauges Does ATS Calibrate?

ATS accepts a variety of snap gauges, including fixed, adjustable, benchtop, handheld, dial/indicator, digital, and threaded snap gauges. We calibrate snap gauges from leading manufacturers such as:

Your Go-To Calibration Site
Clients can monitor their device’s status and history on iPortal, the ATS calibration site. After calibrating an instrument, an ATS calibration expert documents the as found and as left conditions, calibration procedure, and traceability to NIST or ASTM specifications in a certificate of calibration.

Snap gauges are just one of many measurement tools we calibrate, including:

High-Quality Service from ATS

ATS has offered high-quality services since 1967. From consulting engineering to testing and inspections to calibration, we provide accurate and reliable information about client equipment and resources. Our focus on customer service translates to quick response times and a standard turnaround rate of 7 to 10 business days for calibration services.

ATS leads a growing Family of Companies that shares resources and availability to exceed our customers’ requirements. We operate multiple labs with ISO/IEC 17025 (A2LA) accreditation in Calibration, Electrical Testing, Chemical Testing, Nondestructive Testing, and Mechanical Testing.

Our services comply with national and international requirements, including:

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