Two dial barometers display two separate readings, needing barometer calibration services.

Barometer Calibration Services

ATS offers barometer calibration services that help clients capture reliable pressure, temperature, and humidity data. A type of pressure gauge, a barometer measures subtle changes in atmospheric pressure in an environment. Barometers require frequent calibration to compensate for aging and changes in altitude. Routine calibration supports a barometer’s continued accuracy.
Barometric readings provide valuable data for various applications, such as:
Regular calibration helps even the most sensitive barometer maintain precise and repeatable readings. Over time, barometers and pressure gauges lose their quality and reliability. Mechanical stress and fluctuations in temperature and humidity cause the barometer readings to drift. Changes in altitude can also impact different types of barometers. For instance, mercury barometer readings must compensate for elevated temperatures. The ATS calibration lab provides regular calibration and verification services to return barometers to their tolerances.
Barometer Calibrations
The ATS calibration lab has supported our clients’ compliance with industry standards and regulations since 1987. Over the years, ATS has developed a reputation for reliable expertise. We can calibrate devices to OEM and client tolerances according to primary or secondary standards. Our calibrations are traceable to the International System of Units (SI), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and applicable ASTM specifications.
Our calibration experts work with a variety of barometer types, including:
ATS is qualified to deliver calibration services on-site and in our A2LA-accredited labs. Our turnaround rate for most calibration orders decreases downtime and returns tools to clients after 7 to 10 days. For an additional fee, clients can request expedited services to return to operation sooner. When providing lab calibrations of shipped barometers and pressure gauges, our experts maintain a controlled environment set to a consistent temperature and relative humidity level.
Clear and Concise Reporting

At ATS, we believe in giving clients a clear and concise record of their instrument’s status and history so they can make informed decisions. After completing the calibration, our experts compile the critical data in a comprehensive report that includes:

Clients can also check up on their device’s history and status through iPortal, a web-based application.
Calibration and Quality Standards

ATS’s calibration experts draw from decades of experience with a variety of equipment to maintain our standard of excellence:

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In addition to calibration, ATS offers a wide array of consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services that provide clients with insight and reliable data. Based in Marietta, Georgia, ATS now leads an expanding Family of Companies (FoC) with supplementary calibration capabilities for a coast-to-coast presence. ATS proudly supports national and international industries, including aviation, manufacturing, automotive, and power generation.

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