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The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) provides calibrations and repairs for a wide range of manufacturers and equipment, including Siemens flow meter devices. Siemens is a technology conglomerate that designs, manufactures, and distributes equipment for many industries. The ATS FoC combines the expertise and capabilities of dozens of testing and analysis providers located throughout America to provide expert services. With decades of experience in calibration, inspection, and testing, we serve clients with precision and care from our A2LA-accredited labs and in person.

Graftel, a member of the ATS FoC, calibrates a range of Siemens flow meters, including:

Calibrations with Purpose
The ATS FoC delivers calibrations with purpose, providing regular calibration services to detect and correct drift produced by harsh operating conditions. With clients in high-flow industries such as nuclear, our technicians comply with stringent industry standards to ensure continued optimal performance and compliance. Our work enables clients to make data-driven operation and maintenance decisions. Yearly or biyearly calibration with the ATS FoC allows clients to minimize system downtime and avoid costly outages and equipment failure.
Flow Meter Calibration Services

When calibrating equipment in our A2LA-accredited calibration lab, our experts strive to replicate operating conditions as effectively as possible. We maintain a temperature-controlled lab with multiple calibration systems of overlapping flow ranges to ensure the utmost precision. All ATS FoC calibrations are NIST-traceable.

Our experts calibrate flow meters with a variety of calibration mediums, including water, air, and a collection of frequently used gases and mixtures.

Water Flow Meter Calibrations

We maintain four NIST-traceable systems for liquid flow meter calibrations, each delivering high accuracies with uncertainties of 0.06 and 0.10% of the reading. The combined systems handle flow rates as low as 0.015 and as high as 700 gpm to fit different types of meters under test. The systems deliver combined pressures up to 100 psig.

Gas Flow Meter Calibrations

When calibrating gas flow meters, we compare a client’s device with our five calibration stations, each providing a best measurement of 0.15% of the reading. The combined systems can reach a maximum flow rate of 25,451 slm. When using air as the calibration medium, our systems deliver a maximum pressure of 190 psig. If a client needs a gas other than air, we can calibrate with a range of gases under a combined maximum pressure of 1,000 psig.
We Calibrate Devices from Many Manufacturers

Our experts work with instruments from many manufacturers besides Siemens, including:

Our Qualifications

ATS FoC experts perform in-lab calibrations using powerful calibration equipment. If a client cannot move the device, our experts can travel to the client’s location and perform the calibration in person. Our standard turnaround rate is 7-10 business days with the option of 1-2 day expedited service. All calibration reports are available 24/7 through our secure web portal.

We satisfy the requirements for multiple accreditations and quality standards, including:
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