E2 Class Weights

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies calibrates E2 class weights, verifying their mass to ensure their ability to serve as reference standards.

What are E2 Class Weights?
E2 class weights are commonly used to calibrate high-quality weights and balances. Industry professionals often use E2s as a reference standard when calibrating highly accurate balances with a readability between 0.1 – 0.01 mg. The E2’s ultimate accuracy makes it the ideal tool to use when calibrating sensitive equipment.
E2 class weights are well-built weights that have anti-corrosive properties, limiting the weight’s likelihood of developing inaccuracies over time. Calibrations conducted with E2 class weights are proven to be precise, and our calibration experts use the weights to maximize the accuracy of our calibrations.
More About Our Calibration Lab
Our calibration lab experts use their decades of collective experience to carry out comprehensive calibration services that improve the accuracy of our clients’ equipment. Our calibration services are NIST traceable, adhering to rigorous standards that guarantee that our calibration services are reliable and accurate. Our E2 class weight calibrations help our clients do the following:
The Importance of Precise Calibrations
Precise calibration helps businesses and consumers remain confident in a product or material’s performance, safety, and quality. Inaccurate measurements can have detrimental effects on a business’s bottom line, so it’s important to regularly calibrate equipment to avoid unforeseen consequences. Failure to regularly calibrate scales and balances can result in negative consequences, such as:
We work diligently to calibrate E2 class weights, ensuring their precise mass and preventing any inconsistencies in measurements made using the reference weights.
About the ATS FoC
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