ISO 17025 Balance Calibration

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) calibrates balances in accordance with ISO 17025 standards.

What is ISO 17025?
ISO 17025 is an internationally adopted standard used by testing and calibration labs. The standard ensures that the testing facility and lab is competent and capable of providing high quality services on a consistent basis. Companies with ISO 17025 have displayed the aptitude to provide reliable and accurate measurements that meet the demands of their clients and regulatory bodies.
ISO 17025 Balance Calibration
Our ISO 17025 balance calibration services adhere to rigorous quality standards, ensuring our measurements are accurate and our calibration is precise. We calibrate various types of balances in accordance with IS0 17025 standards, including:
Our balance calibration services extended to numerous industry leading manufacturers, ensuring our personnel have the tools to meet our clients’ specific needs.
Why is it Important to Calibrate Balances?
Calibrating balances is essential when ensuring the reliability and accuracy of an instrument’s measurements. Precise measurements are essential in industries where minor inaccuracies have costly consequences, such as chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. We recommend that our clients calibrate their balances regularly to guarantee that the instruments maintain accuracy over time. Factors such as mechanical wear, age, and environmental conditions can impact a balance’s accuracy, so calibrations are critical when verifying the reliability of the instrument and complying with regulatory requirements.
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