Bore Micrometer Calibrations

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies conducts bore micrometer calibrations for various industries.
What is a Bore Micrometer, and How are They Used?
A bore micrometer, or bore gauge, is an advanced measuring tool that measures the internal diameters of cylinders and holes with supreme precision. During the procedure, technicians insert bore micrometers into holes that require measuring. Once inserted, the micrometer’s anvils expand to measure the hole’s diameter. Bore micrometers are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and inspection applications where pipes, cylinders, and holes require precise measurements.
Our Bore Micrometer Calibration Services
We understand the importance of accuracy in industrial applications, and our bore micrometer calibration services ensure our client’s depth gauges achieve the ultimate level of accuracy. Our team of experts can calibrate multiple types of depth gauges, including the following:
Bore micrometers should be regularly calibrated to ensure their accuracy. Repeated use increases the likelihood of inaccurate measurements, so third-party calibration experts must ensure that bore gauges remain accurate over time. It is widely recommended that bore micrometers undergo yearly evaluations to maintain reliability.
Why are Bore Micrometer Calibrations Important?
Bore measurements must be highly accurate because the slightest mismeasurements can significantly impact a product or project. In addition to ensuring precise measurements, bore micrometer calibrations help our clients do the following:
The accuracy of bore gauges relies heavily on their calibrations; failure to routinely calibrate gauges could yield troubling results for a product. Inaccurate measurements can lead to dimensional inaccuracies that render a product ineffective. Inaccurate measurements also increase manufacturers’ risk of violating quality control standards and regulations.
About the ATS FoC
The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies provides comprehensive and competitively priced services to address our clients’ specific concerns and needs. As an ISO 9001 quality management system, we adhere to internationally recognized quality standards to ensure our clients’ products remain marketplace eligible worldwide. Please complete a web request form or call + 1 (888) 287-5227 to learn more about our bore micrometer calibrations.

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