Bubble Meter Calibration

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) conducts accurate and reliable bubble meter calibrations.
What is a Bubble Flow Meter, and Why are They Important?

A bubble flow meter measures the pressure required to force a bubble through the end of a bubble line. Bubble flow meter set ups often consists of a source of soapy water, calibrated tube, and a stopwatch. Together, these components measure a gas’s flow rate as it travels throughout the pipe.

Our Bubble Meter Calibration Services
Our bubble meter technicians conduct calibrations using the Fluke molboc/molbox1+ gas calibration system, allowing us to calibrate flows up to 600 standard liters per minute. During the calibration procedure, technicians select a reference meter with a known accuracy. Next, technicians set up a test system with multiple calibration points representing the expected flow rate range. Our experts then compare the bubble meter’s flow rate to the liquid’s known flow rate to ensure the bubble meter’s calibration.
The Importance of Meter Calibrations
Bubble meter calibrations are essential because they ensure the bubble meter is accurate and reliable. If the bubble meter is not calibrated correctly, it could give inaccurate readings, leading to problems such as over or under-filling tanks or malfunctioning equipment, leading to safety hazards and other costly consequences.
Our Additional Calibration Services
In addition to bubble meter calibrations, our calibration experts use our environmentally controlled labs to provide the following:
Our calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), ensuring that our equipment and processes adhere to industry standards. Our clients can access electronic copies of their calibration certificates via IPortal, our web-based interface with essential documents and information.
About Applied Technical Services
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