Plastometer Calibration

Applied Technical Services offers fully comprehensive Plastometer Calibration in our state-of-the-art calibrations lab. A plastometer is a tool used to determine the flow properties of plastic materials. These machines can inspect and analyze the melt mass flow-properties, elasticity, and hardness of plastic products, – especially rubber.

ATS Standards Lab

The Calibrations Lab at ATS utilizes cutting edge technology to perform accurate and reliable inspections and calibrations. Our accredited lab is a temperature-controlled room that we maintain at 68°-F within +/- 2.0 °-F and a 30-55% resting humidity as needed. The lab floors contain isolation joints that mitigate the effects of vibrations. All plastometers are meticulously cleaned and stored for at least 24 hours to allow ample time to adjust to ambient temperature before calibrations begin. Our calibration experts regularly inspect plastometers and other similar devices ensuring a quick turn-around for client calibrations.

ATS Quality Assurance

Applied Technical Services has proudly provided calibration services for more than 50 years. We remain dedicated to providing clients with high-quality service by upholding ISO 9001 certification and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. All calibrations done by ATS experts are traceable to NIST, The National Institute of Standard and Technology. Any calibration certificates, results, and statuses are available online 24/7 through our iPortal. Contact ATS today to request your free quote regarding your plastometer calibration needs.

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