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Ultrasonic Flow Meter Calibration

Applied Technical Services performs ultrasonic flow meter calibrations through ATS’ CEESI, allowing technicians to verify the accuracy of ultrasonic flow meter systems. High-pressure calibration provides several benefits, including measurement correction and the establishment of a meter-specific performance baseline.
Ultrasonic Meter Calibration Methods
Maintaining a precise flow rate is critical to a flow meter’s accuracy. There are several different methods of ultrasonic meter calibration, with the most effective method typically being determined by the type of system undergoing calibration and its intended purpose. Ultrasonic meter calibration is performed by placing a flow standard in line with the flow meter, precisely measuring the rate of flow in accordance with nationally recognized standards. If the structural integrity of a system is intact and the system is free of any types of flaws between the standard and meter, the two meters should have the same flow rate. The two types of calibration most commonly used are pipeline-based calibration and pressurized loop calibration.
Additional Meter Calibration Services
CEESI provides calibration services for several types of flow meter systems, including but not limited to:
Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc., a member of the ATS family of companies, is the industry’s premier ultrasonic calibration services provider. CEESI services clients both nationally and internationally, offering extensive calibration services with unparalleled accuracy. As the pioneers of ultrasonic flow meter calibration, CEESI ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction on every project, providing our clients with precise, detailed reporting from our knowledgeable, responsive experts.
Quality Assurance
Applied Technical Services and the ATS family of companies adhere to a comprehensive quality assurance program that ensures precise, reliable reporting in a timely manner. Our highly trained staff works diligently to guarantee that our testing and calibration services meet and exceed client expectations. Our adherence with internationally recognized standards ensures accountability for the quality of our services and promotes an environment where we are always striving to make improvements wherever possible. Trust the proven calibration experts at CEESI and contact us today for a free quote for ultrasonic flow meter calibration services.

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