Composite Material Testing

Applied Technical Services provides composite material testing for various industries. We offer multiple types of composite material tests that abide by international standards and can be customized to meet the needs of our clients.

What Are Composite Materials?

Composite materials, or composites, are created from two or more materials with different physical and chemical properties. The characteristics of composite materials differ from the characteristics of the induvial forms of the original materials.

Composite Material Testing Methods

Tensile Testing

Compression Testing

Shear Testing

Advantages of Composite Materials

Customizable Appearance & Functionality

Composite materials are flexible in both shape and size. They can be made into complex shapes, making them the ideal candidate for various situations. 


Composites can endure many environmental factors while requiring minimal maintenance. They are resistant to damage from rust, extreme temperatures, U.V. exposure, and water. 

Strength-To-Weight Ratio

Composite Materials are lighter than wood and metals despite being lighter in weight. Reducing weight can limit the cost and improve the efficiency of a product. 

How are Composite Materials Used?

We test composites for the following industries. 

Examples of Composite Materials

Composites we test commonly include: 

About Applied Technical Services

Applied Technical Services has offered premium consulting services since 1967. We provide inspection, testing, and engineer consulting services to clients in various industries. We abide by industry standards while considering the needs of our clients. Please contact ATS today for composite material testing.

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