Destructive Testing

Destructive Testing
Since our founding in 1967, we have established an excellent reputation with business, industry, and the legal profession for successfully uncovering facts in destructive testing.
Destructive testing is a test of the most severe operating conditions that results in the failure of the test specimen. The main purpose of destructive testing is to determine the actual limits of a specimen, detect design weaknesses, and allow establishment of appropriate design factors.
Tests are performed using tools, machines, fixtures, and process that produce irreversible damage to the specimens. ATS’ destructive testing capabilities include fatigue testing, bend testing, hardness testing, impact testing, load testing, mechanical testing, tensile testing, pressure testing, vacuum testing, compression testing, and destructive weld testing.
The Importance of Dependable Results
It is imperative that reliable data be collected to allow for accurate interpretation of the specimens failure. ATS’ destructive testing experience combines procedure, collection, and investigative examination that allow our clients to make informed decisions from our report findings. Our complete method, inspection, and analysis services in conjunction with our quality assurance program, proven track record, and cost competitiveness has established ATS as a leader in destructive testing for our clients.
ATS' Destructive Testing Capabilities Include (But Are Not Limited To):

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